How to create cloudCMS Page

Creating a cloudCMS is very easy. Just type "<groupname>.<pagename>/edit" in address bar after the site URL. If page does not exist you will be shown a Page Editor to add page content.

How to create HTML page in WYSIWYG editor:

Page Create/Edit Security

Based on group security settings you need to login to site before you can create/edit a cloudCMS page. The application Administrator has full access to create/edit/delete any pages.
Administrator can also define other "Group Editors" using SiteManager tool. Administrator can add users with valid Google account to be group editor.

Default Page

Every page group has default page called "HomePage". It can be access by "groupname." or "groupname.HomePage". For example , like "/testgroup." is a link to "testgroup.HomePage".

Default Group

There is default group called "Main" with every site. If you don't provide group name, it will assume "Main" as default group. For example , like "/testpage" is a link to "Main.testpage".

Page Format

The default format of any page is Freemarker Template page. This way you can use full Freemarker directives to create dynamic page. Select 'HTML' format in editor to create a HTML page with WYSIWYG editor. You can also create page in BB(Bulletin Board) code format.

Page History

Every page has in-built edit history support. Just use "<groupname>.<pagename>/history" to see page edit history.

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Last Modified : Feb 9, 2010 8:58:59 PM