How to create Entity Filter

Entity Filter defines the condition for different datastore operation. Only entities with properties that meet all of the conditions will be affected by the operation.
It is used by "listEntity" and "deleteEntity" directives to filter matching rows.

<@filterEntity /> Directive syntax

Create a filter where "age" < 10 :
<@filterEntity name="_f1" propertyName="age" operator="LESS_THAN" value=10 />

"propertyName" is the name of property .
"operator" is one of the filter predicate . Possible values are

"value" is any valid object value for the property.
"name" the name of the filter variable.

Once filter is defined you can use it with any supported directives by passing in "filter" parameter. For example,

Passing a list of filters,
filter=[_f1, _f2, _f3]

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Last Modified : Jan 30, 2011 8:41:56 PM