A WCMS designed for Google App Engine


cloudCMS is a cloud based Web Content Management solution design to run on Google's Apps platform. Simply, it is an easy-to-use software application that runs behind the scenes allowing you to maintain your website's content and data on demand. cloudCMS web content management system (WCMS) is browser-based, which means you can manage your website via a online interface. Even better, you don't need to be a computer genius to use it because it was designed for users of all levels of computer experience.

Benefits of Cloud based CMS

  • Metered pricing (per hour/ per GB)
    • no large up-front capital investments
    • only pay for what you use
  • Scalable hosting architecture
  • Redundancy for high availability
  • Eliminate the complexities of hosting

cloudCMS gives you just the right amount of control over your website to use it as effectively as possible. Whether you want to add unlimited pages, publish pages in multiple format (example XML/JSON), manage files, easily add data forms, or manage your site's search engine optimization, cloudCMS is the right solution for you.


  • Page Content Management and Publishing

    cloudCMS was designed to make creating and managing web content simple. Anyone in your organization with minimal computer experience can be trained to confidently maintain your website using our built-in WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) content editing technology.

  • Data Capture and Management

    Information is everything, especially information that's useful to your business. Data capture involves enabling your website to collect voluntary information from visitors and customers and storing that information according to your needs.

  • Cloud File Management

    Consolidating and sharing your files has never been easier. cloudCMS features a universal file management system that lets you upload, organize (by folder), retrieve, and publish your images, documents, videos, and flash files. An integrated VFS (Virtual File Manager) makes managing your assets straightforward.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    The search engines drive traffic to your website, but they can't do it without your help. With cloudCMS web content management system you are able to attach search engine friendly keywords to every individual piece of content on your website. This focused control allows you to target specific keywords improving the performance of individual products and services on search engines.

  • Data Migration Tools

    cloudCMS includes data migration utilities to easily migrate contents from enterprise system to Google apps platform.

  • Application Platform

    cloudCMS provides an easy to use web-based development environment to build custom applications. With in-built support for Freemarker template engine, developers can build any dynamic application on top of cloudCMS system.

  • Setup and Support

    cloudCMS is not just a software but a complete end to end solution for building online presence. From Google App setup to WCMS based solutions we are here to help you.

Live Demo

  • Free CSS templates on cloudCMS.
    Shows the publishing power of cloudCMS, all assets (web-content, images and css) are served from App Engine's Datastore and managed through web browser.
    Links to templates are in bottom of each page.
  • cloudCMS SiteManager Tool
    Application to manage VFS (Virtual/Cloud File System), cloudCMS pages and System-wide configuration.
    Note : Some operations are only for admin users. Currently, VFS supports file up to 10MB in size.
    In demo version, you can manage files/create folders in "public" folder. To prevent spam, files will be deleted periodically from public folders.
  • Sample Applications


  • Trial Version available

    Want to try cloudCMS on Google App Engine?
    If you interested to try cloudCMS we can deploy it for you.

    1) Create appspot application
    2) Invite as developer.
    3) We will deploy the latest version and you take over from there.
    Note : By installing cloudCMS, you are agree to license terms.
  • Discussion Group for cloudCMS

    New discussion group launched for cloudCMS.

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